USB Pole Dancer

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.
This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

Could this be the ultimate USB-powered gadget that tops every other USB device we've ever seen? Yes, if it were still on sale. Apparently schoolmarms are alive and well in the UK, as local store Marks & Spencer had to can the product just a week after it went on sale.


While she was still alive, the 8-inch pole dancer spun around as music played, and would "entertain you at any time of the day or night." Now, this is the result of a search at M&S's online store:

You searched for "pole dancer", more results were found under "polo dancer"


The £19.50 pole dancer M&S was forced to axe [Daily Mail via Everything USB]



Thank goodness the English are here to protect the world from the scourge of bikini-clad miniature plastic USB-powered pole dancers!

My morals are still safely intact, even if my penchant for useless USB gizmos remains as strong as ever.

I'm hoping that another country finds a way to offer this type of item. I'm not against stimulating another nation's economy to acquire one. I'm picturing huge shipping containers packed with price-slashed USB pole dancers sitting on a dock in Liverpool or somewhere, waiting for a new home. Fear not, tiny plastic USB-powered pole dancing women, the free market will rescue you! (If not the market, then at least a handful of those NYC street vendors that sell the $15 Rollex watches, I guess.)

The trouble is, though, that I keep all my USB gadgets on my office desk at work. Methinks HR would look askance at something like this... for good reason.