Use Flickr To Preview the Picture Quality of Your Next Phone or Camera

Illustration for article titled Use Flickr To Preview the Picture Quality of Your Next Phone or Camera

Whether you're in the market for a new DSLR or a new smartphone, image quality is probably pretty high on your list of considerations. From Instagrammed selfies to sweeping landscape shots, you want to find a camera lens that's capable of producing pictures you can be proud of, and Flickr can help you.


Thanks to Flickr's Camera Finder page, you can view a pile of sample shots without having to leave your laptop. Click through on any of the smartphone or camera models to see prices and reviews pulled from Yahoo's network, as well as some basic device specifications, including the sensor resolution in megapixels. The line chart on the right gives you an idea of the phone or camera's currently popularity.

Scroll down the page to check out some interesting shots taken by the device in question. Flickr uses the EXIF data embedded in each file to sort pictures by camera type, and in most cases you'll be able to view the full resolution image and decide whether you're happy with the level of noise, color saturation and other characteristics.

Even if you're not currently shopping for a new gadget, it's a great way of discovering some eye-catching shots taken by the best digital cameras and smartphones on the market. With thousands of new pictures uploaded by the Flickr community every day there's always something fresh to look at, and new phone-photograhy heights to aspire to.