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Okay PRISM. It's enough already. Erosion of privacy! Whatever. Apathy is setting in. But actually we should probably all be putting some thought into what we're doing with our private information. Maybe you're already trying to. But it can feel like the walls have eyes no matter where you go. Prism Break is a guide to opting out.

Created by designer Peng Zhong, the site is basically a resource for figuring out how to go off the NSA's grid. It recommends everything from desktop e-mail clients, to cloud storage options and secure social networks. The site also notes how to maximize security in software settings. And if you use one of the suggested resources you won't be alone. Sites like DuckDuckGo, a private search engine, have been logging major traffic increases, like a 26 percent rise in search queries, since PRISM news started pouring out. Prism Break says that you should "Stop reporting your online activities to the American government with these free alternatives to proprietary software." If there are viable options, we should at least know them and consider it, right? [VentureBeat]


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