Use the New Facebook To See Who Unfriends You (Updated: Not Anymore)

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Facebook Timeline is pretty spectacular, giving a panoramic view of achievements, love, birth, death, and a lot of binge drinking photos. But what else does it provide? A window into social treachery: a list of those who've unfriended you.


It's extremely easy. First, get Timeline early. Then scroll down to a particular year of your life. Say, 2010. In that year, I made 51 friends, Facebook tells me (that's it?!). I can click that number and see a list. Great! I'm still friends with almost all of them, which Timeline notes. Aw.


Except next to a few names, I have the option to "Add Friend." This means I was friends with the person in 2010 (or whichever year in the past), but not anymore. If you weren't the one who axed them, this is proof the person unfriended you between then and now. Now pardon me while I bawl my god damned eyes out. WHAT DID I EVER DO TO YOU, KIRAN? [BuzzFeed]

Update: A Facebook rep hit us to say this was a "bug," and it is indeed not working anymore. Around the world, millions of passive aggressive conversations have now been prevented.

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Not sure, but I think they may have just removed this functionality. I did as mentioned above, looked through, and found no un-friends in the list summarizing each year. There's at least one un-friend that I know for sure should be in the list, and if you knew me, you'd bet there were more. Anyway, I think they might have switched it so that only your current friends are shown now. Is that what anybody else is seeing?