User-Powered Gym Saves Money (For the Gym)

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Imagine a gym that ran its lights and TVs off the energy that was generated by all the treadmills and stairmasters being used. That's exactly what some guy in Hong Kong did, hamsterizing his gym to power a few TVs and 60-watt light bulbs with workout-power.

This is just a gimmick to get more customers, since all the electricity generated in a year by these only adds up to $183, whereas the installation cost was $15,000. Still, kinda cool if they knock off some of the membership fees for participants. That would get rid of one of about six excuses we have not to work out.

Gym powered by clients [Uber Gizmo]

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I've been waiting for something like this to happen for a while. It's always blown me away that literally hundreds, perhaps thousands, of people show up at the gym each day to divest themselves of energy. The efficiency of energy conversion is the issue at stake here, and the quoted $183 makes it seem like there's much more work to be done.