Can't wait to download a new album or TV show? Don't want to wait until you're on your home computer? From the people who created the BitTorrent protocol more than a decade ago, comes an app that lets torrent on your phone.

What does it do?

Lets you find and download torrents on your Android phone.

Why do we like it?

You might already keep tabs on your torrents from your phone. Now you can cut out the middle man and just download them directly to your device. It lacks limits on speed and size, so you can download massive torrents, provided that your phone can handle it. Perhaps equally important is that it's free. Additionally, it has RSS support, lets you play games in the background, and set limits on uploading and downloading.


uTorrent Beta

Download this app for:

The Best:

No size/speed limits

The Worst:

Still in beta

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