V Gets Cut In Two - More Signs Of Trouble?

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Rumors of ABC's revival of V being in trouble have only been strengthened by the strange decision made by network schedulers to keep the show in its original slot for four weeks, before taking it off-air for four months.


Variety reports that ABC have made the decision to split the 13-episode first season in two, and to hold the show's back nine episodes until midseason, expected to be March next year. The March decision is charitably being explained as protecting the show from next year's Winter Olympics and traditional ratings juggernaut American Idol, but rumors persist that not only is the series in trouble - production is still halted, with no set date to restart - but also in danger of seeing the number of episodes reduced in an attempt to minimize damage for the network, something that ABC and studio Warner Bros. deny.


ABC eyes 'pod' treatment for 'V' [Variety]



This was originally announced Friday PM on [EW.com] - and there was a hostile OVERLOAD of responses. Hopefully IO9 can do the same - because it may the only thing that brings ABC to it's FUCKING SENSES.

It's ironic that SciFi fans tend to be the most loyal of the television viewing audience; and yet they are the first ones to get rammed up the ass by idiotic corporate decisions. I'd like to think that a few of us have buckled up our steel chasity belts and have kicked their KY supply to the curb.

It was announced on EW that ABC intends to air 4 episodes of 'V' in November, then hold off until March. Apparently all of the idiots who were employed during Season Three of Lost - the one that plummeted in the ratings - are still enjoying their health insurance.

While I can't speak for the SF fandom en masse - I am SICK of being burned by cancellations (T:SCC) and having an unreasonable wait between new episodes. BSG was the final straw (14 months) and I won't do it anymore. If you want me - a devoted SF viewer - to watch your series, then for Christ's sake just play the entire season!

'V' has lost me, unless ABC gets it's collective shit together. How am I supposed to have faith in a series when it's obvious that the money behind it does not?