The lucky folks at Zune Scene have gotten their hands on what could possibly be the best-looking Zune accessory out there, the VAF Octavio 1. The Octavio 1 is basically a stereo dock for your Zune, much like the Hi-Fi is for your iPod. The difference here is style. The Octavio 1 is oozing with it. The 52-pound dock comes wrapped in leather and can be connected to your Zune or even your Xbox 360. Audio-wise, the folks at Zune Scene think it's worth the $499 splurge delivering "full room" sound. They even connected it to their 360 and though it may not blow away your current speaker set up, it is far better than the built-in speakers that come with most flat-panels. I'd have to agree, based on looks and initial reports, if I had a Zune, I'd be saving up for this bad boy.


Zune Octavio VAF [Zune Scene]