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What's does the Wall Street Journal's famous tech journalist Walt Mossberg look like when he's lounging in what appears to be an average hotel room? Thanks to our newest Gawker sibling Valleywag, we know he looks exactly like this.

It seems Mr. Mossberg was testing the flickr clone Vizrea when they decided to feature his personal test images on their front page. That's good for us—we love nothing more than to gaze into Mr. Mossberg's visage pretending we are a fledging technology company whose product he's about to pan; Tell us we've been naughty, Walt.


But perhaps even better is this quote:

Some guy at the conference told Walt, "I just want you to know what an honor it is to be pissing next to Walt Mossberg." Erick's source says that Walt muttered, "Bizarre."

One of Valleywag's commentors has a very good request: When do we get to see pictures of Mossberg's assistant, Katie?


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