Vauni's bioethanol ventless fireplace, the Cupola, may not have the warmth or coziness of a traditional wood-burner, but it does have practicality and cold Scandinavian style. Plus, the thing mounts right on your wall.

Made of aluminum for weight reasons and coming in white or black, the fireplace burns bioethanol fuel instead of wood, so it's maybe not as organic as lighting wood on fire but it is adjustable and easy to light. Vauni claims the fireplace is "as easily installed as a flat-screen TV," and will give you something classier to gaze at, open-mouthed, than the new season of The Hills. Prices start at 1840 Euros, which is about $2730 USD. Expensive, sure, but you must have expected that from a wall-mountable Swedish fireplace. [Born Rich via DVICE]