Venzero Preps LilOne Portable Music Player

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Venzero specializes in giving otherwise cookie-cutter portable music players wacky names, like last month's 1 or 2-GB miniOne, which still hasn't come out, by the way. Now Venzero is releasing a 6-GB micro hard drive-based portable music player, the lilOne. What does the lilOne bring, besides a smile to your face when whispering its name? Well, it plays MP3s and WMAs, DRM'ed or not, videos and photos. The screen is 1.5-inches and has 256K colors, which isn't bad.


Like the miniOne, the lilOne is compatible with MusicMarker, a service that tries to make finding and identifying songs easier. The lilOne is so hot off the presses that it's not even on Venzero's Web site yet. It's predicted to be available for about $250 when it's released, whenever that is. (The miniOne should be available later this month.)


Venzero adds lilOne to the "One" collective []


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The Sansa e270 would be a much better deal. It has Flash memory (6GB), expandable storage (microSD=1GB), has an FM transmitter, voice recorder and costs just $30 more than this.