If you're going to store your passwords, photos, documents, and music on your thumb drives, you might as well do so securely with the Verbatim Store 'n' Go Corporate Secure USB Drives. These drives come in 1 to 4GB sizes, use a SHA-1 Hash to obfuscate your password, and require entering in your password every time you want to access data. If the wrong password is typed 10 times in a row, all your data gets erased. Harsh.

The drives have a read speed of 23MB/s and a write speed of 14MB/s, so it's no turtle. Prices range from $79 for the 1GB stick and $269 for the 4GB stick. Not a big investment when you consider the money lost if your competitors get their hands on your product info.


Product Page [Verbatim via Digital Trends]

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