Verizon CEO: We're Getting the Palm Pre, Storm 2 Within 6 Months

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The Palm Pre will be exclusive to Sprint for a weirdly short six months, after which the handset will show up on Verizon, according to CEO Lowell McAdam. They'll also get the Storm 2 at about the same time.


That the new BlackBerry Storm will be a Verizon phone isn't surprising, since they carried the first one. The six month outer limit for an arrival date also isn't that surprising, since we've seen early pictures of the device.


The big news here is obviously the Pre, which, although heralded mostly as a savior for a wounded Palm Inc, could also be a much-need exlusive boon for Sprint. From Reuters:

Sprint shares were down 18 cents at $4.89 in late morning trade on the New York Stock Exchange while Palm shares were up $1.15 at $11.68 on Nasdaq.

Well, that about sums it up. [Reuters]

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The Verizon version will be silver and covered with Verizon logos. It'll also be missing WiFi and the GPS will be locked so that you can only use VZ Navigator. And best of all it'll cost $100 more than the Sprint version and require a new, expensive data plan.