Verizon Hates Creative RAZR Owners

Okay, that may be a bit harsh, but in all honesty it is true. Verizon blocks the ability to transfer files into the audio folder of Verizon-purchased RAZRs. Supposedly this is done to prevent consumers from creating and transferring their own ringtones to phone and forcing Verizon users to download ungodly expensive ringtones directly from Verizon. Here is how they pulled it off, according to Eliot Van Buskirk and Sean Michaels at the Wired blog.

Apparently, Verizon's stance on MP3 ringtones wasn't always so unconscionable. In fact, our research indicates that it sold the RAZR with an earlier (v2) version of its software, with MP3 ringtones enabled. The v3 software disabled the feature, and the current version, v4, has it disabled it as well. However, if you are somehow able to upgrade your version 2 software directly to version 4, your ability to transfer MP3s onto the phone to be used as ringtones survives.


Well son of a bitch, if they don't want me to be able to create and use my own extremely stupid ringtones, then I don't want to use their horrible service, 'nuff said. Cingular, here I come!

Verizon Cripples New RAZRs [Wired]

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