Verizon iPhone 4 Pre-Sales All Sold Out

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After beginning to take pre-orders for the iPhone 4 last week, Verizon has already pulled the plug on that, declaring on their site, that they've sold out of pre-sale units.


If you haven't pre-ordered yet, and don't want to get stuck waiting for Verizon to restock, you'll wanna be quick to order one online when sales begin on February 9 at 3am, or you'll wanna be at your local Verizon store when it opens on February 10. [9 to 5 Mac]

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What is funny that everyone loves apple (including myself) but every iPhone that is sold only helps widen the gap in our trade deficit with the Chinese. NPR ran a story about how the iPhone alone contributed to 1.9 Billion (yes billion) dollars per year to our trade deficit with the PRC.


I think we should tell Apple to start manufacturing their products stateside..

Sorry for getting off topic, but I thought I should mention it (not trying to start a flame war).