Verizon Is Finally Ditching Smartphone Contracts, Too

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In a smartphone renaissance where we’ve finally realized that carrier contracts are bullshit, Verizon is now moving to month-by-month contracts, meaning you are no longer forced into sticking with Verizon for years at a time.

Verizon’s model follows similar price breakdowns to T-Mobile and AT&T. Simply put, you’ll get more data for more money. Here’s what it looks like:

1GB = $30

3GB = $45

6GB = $60

12GB = $80

All these prices are in addition to the $20/month spent for each smartphone attached to that specific data plan.


The prices aren’t as aggressively cheap as, say, Google’s Project Fi—which also has the $20 charge, but only asks for $10 for each additional gigabyte (and only for the gigabytes of data you use). But according to Re/code, Verizon is fine with that. Here’s how the company’s VP of consumer pricing put it: “We’re not going to be a price leader — never said we would.”

Instead, it’s hanging on to its position as the No. 1 carrier (by subscriber numbers), and hoping its network is enough. But with new and more aggressive competition from Google and even T-Mobile, it may not be.


These new plans will go into effect starting next Thursday, August 13.


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