Verizon Launches Dashboard Flash-Based Mobile Storefront

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Verizon has quietly gone live with their new Dashboard flash-based mobile storefront. So far, the app is only available on the LG Chocolate 3, but more phones are expected to be added by the end of the year. That would make it one of the largest implementations of Adobe's flash in the US. The service will allow users access to widgets that function as most widgets do—offering up easy access to news, weather and entertainment. If only the iPhone would get on the Flash bandwagon. [Washington Post]


DJ Squibbles


His Jobness said we don't need Flash. Therefore, we don't need Flash. Who uses Flash on a mobile phone, anyway? WinMob losers, that's who.


Seriously though, this is intriguing. For all the bitching that we do about the walled garden, getting something out there and actually having it get some traction in the marketplace is one of the things that it's really good for.

Of course, you can also get good market penetration if your product is amazing, but this is the cell phone industry and this is VZW. Baby steps, people.