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Verizon Levels Guns At Apple, Not AT&T, With Droid Phone Blitz

This 30-second Droid spot started airing last night during the ALCS. Dan may not like it, but even so there's no denying that Verizon, in the words of Matt Buchanan, went totally balls in with an Android phone.


An Android 2.0 Motorola phone, to be precise, which we'll officially get to see sometime in November.


Until then, we can feast on rumors and speculation, revel in the broadside Verizon fired against Apple (not AT&T, it should be noted), and of course dissect the actual marketing itself, as was done at Daring Fireball.

Notes Fireball, the entire site is in flash (clever!), the commercials will be in heavy rotation during today's football games (watch!), and, most importantly, that the small print says "Droid is a registered trademark of Lucasfilm Ltd., licensed to Verizon" (what?!).

All interesting stuff, yes, but is it weird that the biggest bit of news out of all this, to me, is that George Lucas controls the word droid? [Verizon, Daring Fireball]

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iDon't customize? I suppose that depends on your definition. I'd say the largest app store and placing them where you wanted could be considered customization.

And no physical keyboard? That's a GOOD thing. The keyboards on phones, even full qwerty ones are usually horrible. The iPhone's has beaten out netbook keyboards for speed and accuracy, so why would you want a physical keyboard?

Verizon should be trying to get the iPhone, not trying to fight it. Hasn't the past few years of losing customers to an inferior company taught them anything? #android