Verizon's Not Scared of iPhone 4 Traffic One Bit

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How confident is Verizon that they can handle the data usage of brand-new iPhone owners? So confident that they've been saying they're ready for the onslaught since back in 2009. Big talk! Let's hope they can back it up. [Businessweek]

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Platypus Man

OK, one of the biggest reasons AT&T's network has sucked since the iPhone was released was because every single iPhone in the US was on AT&T. It was the first real smartphone and is still the most popular single model of smartphone. Even assuming that the iPhone network is split 50/50 between AT&T and Verizon (or 60/60 if you want to take new Verizon customers into account), neither company will have as many customers using the iPhone as AT&T does right now. Hell, with a Verizon iPhone, AT&T will be able to better handle the traffic and the remaining customers will try and remember what the problems they were having were. This deal will probably end up helping both companies in the long run!

In addition, it's been a few years since the iPhone has come out. Everyone (AT&T included) has more smartphones and more data usage than they did back then. If Verizon's (admittedly old) claim doesn't hold up, I'll be surprised.

Also pissed, what with my Verizon Android phone.