Very Cool Microscale Lego Dropship Diorama from Aliens

New Zealand-based Lego builder Grantmasters recently completed this microscale build of the Cheyenne, the marine dropship from Aliens. With minimal bricks, he was able to create a very detailed diorama that includes the power plant.

Microscale builds are so cool because it’s fun to see what you can make with not very many bricks. As Brothers-Brick report, the “contrasting backdrops” are pretty rad as well, providing a stark contrast between “the planetary surface and the power plant.”

I spent so many hours trying to get the shape on this closer to the reference pics I had. Whilst it looks similar, this thing has had a major workout. It’s better than it was but there are still 2 places that need problem solving. That crossover is a p.i.t.a! At the moment this is a functional build. All guns move as they should, the landing gear lowers and raises and the ramp lowers via a hinge to let the apc stow. - Grantmasters via Flickr


He even made an Armored Personnel Carrier to go with the dropship! The build comes complete with a payload bay, deck ramp, cockpit and fuselage.

Confession: I’m more than a little obsessed with Alien...especially in Lego form:

Exhibit A:


[via the Brothers-Brick]

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