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Via Pico-ITX Motherboard Runs 1080p Video Like a Champ

Illustration for article titled Via Pico-ITX Motherboard Runs 1080p Video Like a Champ

Netbooks have some drawbacks to go along with their tiny size and low price, one of which is an occasional inability to play HD video particularly smoothly. But Via's definitely making inroads—check out this video for proof.

Intel's Ion also runs HD video pretty nicely, but Via's really paying attention to media playback. Via's EPIA-P710 motherboard, a Pico-ITX, is the first to pack the VX855 Media System Processor, which allows some of that 1080p HD output despite needing only a heatsink and not a fan. Look for this combo to start popping up in higher-end netbooks soon—a wimpy Atom just isn't going to cut it anymore with this on the market. [Engadget]


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The Werewolf

I have to ask...

How many people actually connect their netbooks to a 1080p screen and use it to watch HD video?

Almost NO netbook has that capability (ie: no HDMI output) and no BlueRay drive. Sure you COULD run a file from the hard drive - and connect it to a large monitor over VGA... but WHY?

The whole point of a netbook is compact and portible. Even with 1366x768 - you do have 16:9 but not 1080p. So get a video file that's scaled for that output and voila - problem solved.

Seriously, this is a tempest in a teapot.