VIA's Tiny Pico-ITX Motherboards Get Even Smaller

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The Pico-ITX motherboards were already small, but they are getting another downgrade in size thanks to the EPIA PX5000EG—a 500MHz board that can be cooled without the bulky fan—which helps bring the form factor down to a minuscule 3.9" x 2.8." As you might have guessed, the drop in processor speed from 1GHz means that this board won't be tearing up any substantial software, but it should prove extremely popular with the embedded market.



If you were wondering what the board was capable of, you will be happy to know VIA is holding a contest where competitors must guess how long the PX5000EG can survive running Ubuntu 8.04 Linux and playing an MPEG-4 video without any cooling whatsoever. Entries are being accepted today through the 21st—the winner will receive an ARGO builder kit.
[VIA and Naked Pico Contest via TechnoVoyance via BoingBoing Gadgets]

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How small and powerful would get me REALLY excited? I wanna hook a mini-HDMI cable from my wristwatch to a 65" plasma and play Crysis full speed at 1080p via the system embedded inside. And not burning my wrist would sort of be a design spec mandate.