Victoria's Secret iPad App Is Full of Lusty Eye Candy

Here's my video review for Victoria's Secret iPad app. It's free. Yes, free. It's available now. The verdict is at the end of the video review, but this app left me with a lot of fundamental questions:

• How the hell did this ton of softcore porn pass Apple's stupid censorship rules? Are girls in lingerie OK when you want iPad users to buy lingerie?

• How many iPad users downloading the app are actually going to buy lingerie using this fapp-fapp?


• Does Apple get a cut on every bra and garter belt sold? (Just joking. Kind of. Hmmm...)

• When is Victoria's Secret actually going to sell lingerie that is not crap?

Please, discuss. [iTunes App Store]


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Moonshadow Kati aka Lady Locksmith

Try the Victoria Secret app with the Bubbling app to unlock secret porno...