Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Swiss Beat MP3 Player

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Victorinox has been making Swiss Army knives with USB drives for a while now, but their Swiss Beat MP3 Player has got to be the first gadget that will both let you listen to Michael Bolton's "Time, Love and Tenderness" as well as slit someone's carotid artery.


Swiss Beat is a removable USB flash-based 1GB music player that handles the WMA, WAV, and Ogg formats, has a built-in FM radio as well as a voice recorder that saves to mp3. It works with PCs and Macs, comes with earphones, a remote control, a belt clip and an arm strap for jogging. Oh, and the three most basic of Swiss Army Knife tools: a two inch blade, mini-scissors and a nail file. MSRP is supposed to hover around $250 but ThinkGeek's selling it for $169.99.

Swiss Beat MP3 [ThinkGeek]

Swiss Beat [Gadget Madness]


Victorinox Swiss Army Knives w/ Flash Drives

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Nah, u are able to detach the mp3 frm the knife so u can keep the knife sumwhere else and ur mp3 with u, and that is also how you charge it, it charges by usb, and the tools are super sharp. I own 1 of these myself so yeah thats how i know, cept mine is 2GB not 1GB