Video: A portrait of a chef opening a restaurant

Life and Thyme continues its excellent video series about food and chefs by taking a look at Chef Timothy Hollingsworth and his upcoming Otium restaurant. In this chapter, we see Hollingsworth take a visit to the fish market and cook a splendid looking dish while talking about what food and more importantly, passion means to him.


I’m just in it for the fish. But Hollingsworth seems like a fascinating character too. Life and Thyme writes:

After retiring as Chef de Cuisine at Thomas Keller’s The French Laundry, Timothy Hollingsworth relocated to Los Angeles to further his career as Executive Chef and Partner at the upcoming Otium restaurant, located beside the Broad Museum. While the buildout of the restaurant is well underway, Hollingsworth formulates and experiments his vision for the menu offsite with his team of chefs and purveyors. Through his dedication, passion, and experiences, Hollingsworth reflects on his journey and the impact he is hoping to achieve in Los Angeles at the cusp of his next chapter.


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Beach Zombie

Why have you been given this opportunity? Because you’re a culinary genius. I’ve spent thousands of dollars in culinary schools to simply learn how to be a good cook. Tim is a chef. Someone that can think outside of the box as if it’s a daily event. The craft of fine cooking comes from imagination, discipline, and experience. I’d give my left nut (and more) to have the internal inspiration it takes to be a master of all things food. What he does to a fish is just plain foodgasm.