Video: Being Inside a Category 5 Typhoon Is Truly Frightening

Typhoon Haiyan was one of the most devastating tropical cyclones in history. The Category 5 typhoon killed thousands and ravaged the Philippines with billions in damages that it’s still recovering from. Here’s a brief glimpse of what it was like to be inside the typhoon. It’s absolutely frightening.

Jim Edds captured the footage in the video below showing winds hitting 112 mph. Typhoon Haiyan eventually reached wind speeds of 195 mph which is just unimaginable.


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First of all, what’s a “category 5 typhoon”? A quick search on wiki shows that there are three categories for typhoon. Typhoon, Very strong typhoon and Violent typhoon. In Taiwan, other than these three typhoon, we care more about its wind speed as well as rain fall.

I lived on the coast for a year where a few typhoons made landfall not too far away. Once I decided to check out what’s going on outside so I put on my rain jacket and pants as well as my full-face motorcycle helmet, wrapped my phone in plastic bag and went out there. The wind was a bit random, sometimes calm and sometimes violent, but it wasn’t strong enough to knock me off the ground. Of course I didn’t stay out there for long, but it was indeed a strange experience.

Here a recent typhoon Dujuan that hit us a few months ago, recorded from indoor of course.