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Video Box Battle Royale: Who Should Be Your TV's New Best Friend?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

With new offerings from Roku and Apple, and the grand impending entrance of Google TV, the crowd of little plastic boxes that all want to stream your video is getting packed. And confusing. But we're here to help you compare.


While you know an MP3 player will play MP3s, and a DVD player will do its thing, the new breed of boxes don't wear their functionality on their sleeve. Set-top boxes, media boxes—we know they're boxes, yes, but what's inside? What are these boxes going to do for you? Some want to make renting movies a cinch, some want to help you stream the movies you already have—and some seem like they want to try to do it all. So take a look below, and see what matters most to you. (And remember to click to expand)


It might feel like comparing apples to oranges to turkey legs, but every device listed on the plate wants to help replace your TV. It should also be mentioned that the devices listed above are far from being the only ones of their kind in a swamped playing field—there are many, many others—these are just our highlights.