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Monsoon Multimedia's place-shifting, time-shifting, Vulkano wonder box might actually encourage you to place-shift your butt off the couch, boasting a variety of ways to enjoy your media on the go. And it's now available for pre-order, shipping August 10th.


The Vulkano, hoping to be a jack of all trades, will stream your photos, videos, music, and television content to your smartphone or computer over 3G or wi-fi. You'll also be able to schedule and view recorded programming from anywhere with a wireless connection. And beyond streaming your own content, you'll have full YouTube offerings in 1080p (HD Justin Bieber!), with Google TV, Netflix, and Hulu support arriving "in the near future"—so perhaps hold off on ordering until Monsoon actually delivers these catalogs, if you consider that a selling point. [Monsoon Multimedia via SlashGear]

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