Roku Internet Video Streamers Are As Low As $60, and Do 1080p For $100

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Roku's expanding their offerings with three new boxes: HD at $60, XD at $80 and XDS at $100. With just $40 separating the bottom from the top, why would you not go for the 1080p, 802.11n dual band streaming?


Both the XD and XDS have 1080p over HDMI as well as 802.11n (HD is only 720p), where the XDS has that dual-band and component out, as well as optical audio and a USB port for playing back local music, photos and video. This capability is a free upgrade for the XDS in November 2010.

But what does Roku stream? Netflix, Amazon VOD, Pandora music, MLB, UFC, as well as smaller, nichier channels like Vimeo and Flixster and the like.


The top two models also have TiVo/Windows Media Center's 7-second skip back, which they claim is a first for internet streamers. Why nobody else hasn't done this before is kind of a surprise, since it just requires them to keep a small buffer of video so people can quickly leap back if they tuned out for a few seconds. [Roku]

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Les Mikesell

So no file mapping or DLNA for local content?