Video captures the reality behind Disney's infamous Haunted Mansion Hatbox Ghost!

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Have you ever heard the strange story of Disney's legendary haunting, the Hatbox Ghost? The creature made his first appearance in the Haunted Mansion ride, and then disappeared — forever! Until now... someone has recorded his existence, many moons ago!

This short documentary tells you just about everything you want to know about the Hatbox Ghost, so give it a watch.

Some folks speculate that this haunted Hatbox was recycled into another ride. Later on, another Hatbox Ghost was created for a new Mansion, but alas it too was removed. And the whereabouts of the second figure also remains a mystery. Thankfully director Guillermo del Toro has an eye for the peculiar and has sworn that this Hatbox will be a main part of his creepy Disney's Haunted Mansion movie (although whether or not it will ever come out, remains to be seen). Until then, we'll always have this video to know that it was real. Horrifyingly real.

[via Slashfilm]