Video: LG Optimus 3D's Dual Lenses Spotted

Another pre-Mobile World Congress teaser trailer has leaked out, this time for LG's Optimus 3D. There are no accompanying specs or details, but we do get to see the back of the phone. It has two cameras, as you might expect. It's a slim black rectangle, as you also might expect. We'll see it in more detail when Mobile World Congress kicks off on Feb 14. [YouTube via Pocket-Lint]


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I think 3D will be great Gimmick on Smartphones, and i see the novelty of 3D images lasting a full day, maybe two.

Unless you have some other medium to view your 3D images/videos on, the best you'll get from having the function is the novelty factor.

3D games and 3D YouTube are more appealing aspects of a 3D smartphone.

But being a FanBoy, put it on the iPhone 5 and i'll love it forever.