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Video of Greenpix LED Wall Makes Us See Life in Technicolor

Alexandra Lerman has sent us her short documentary on the GreenPix Zero Energy Media Wall, the mahoosive 24,000-square-foot fully (2,200m2) solar powered LED-panel wall at the Xicui entertainment complex. Like everything that has been happening in China these days, it's the first time that something of this scale—the LED panels are huge, as you can see after the jump—and features has been done. The results are as stunning as the rest of the Olympic Games.

Illustration for article titled Video of Greenpix LED Wall Makes Us See Life in Technicolor

Click to viewDesigned by Simone Giostra & Partners and Arup, the Zero Energy Media Wall is made out of 2,292 full color LED light points, all powered by solar cells embedded in the glass themselves. The structure is multilayered, with different kind of substrates creating the full effect. It uses custom software that communicates what is happening inside the opaque entertainment center, transforming it into a colorful "responsive environment for entertainment and public engagement." They got me a substrates. Now I want the Philips Magnetic LED tiles more than ever. [Greenpix]

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So, if they spent MILLIONS of dollars more developing this "zero energy

media wall" exactly how zero energy is it?

Let's say they spent 10 million dollars more than if they had just made it

an electric powered system. How long would 10 million dollars worth of

energy light this thing?

Sometimes "zero energy" devices cost more than they save. Doesn't make much

sense to me