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Video: Philips's Crazy 56-Inch Ultra-Widescreen Cinema 21:9 LCD Is Real

Illustration for article titled Video: Philipss Crazy 56-Inch Ultra-Widescreen Cinema 21:9 LCD Is Real

Philips took the wraps off their 21:9 Cinema LCD in merry ol' England, confirming the renderings that circulated earlier this month. It does display 2.40:1 'scope with no letterboxing, but is that what you want?



Like we pointed out before, this TV is only practical for movies; and even then, some movies that weren't filmed with big old Panavision 70mm film still very well might show up in something closer to 16:9, so we can't say this will completely rid letterboxing from your life. If that's on your bucket list.

Details are still pretty shady, but the Megawhat TV folks are estimating it'll run around £3,000 (around $4,275) and be released in the Spring (in the UK). [Pocket Lint]

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I really dislike this move to wider and wider screens. Horizontal letterbox is perfectly acceptable to me, and are a great deal better than the vertical letterbox that you'll get with just about any movie that doesn't fit this aspect ratio, and all most TV shows (if not all). I'd rather have a large display with a dimension that sort of provides the happy medium.