Video Purports to Show Off Samsung Galaxy S IV

We're now just two days away from Samsung's Galaxy S IV announcement, but this video claims to show off the phone ahead of launch.


Following yesterday's alleged photographs of the phone, the same source has released this video which could—or could not!—show off the S IV in action. Grab a pinch of salt and take a look.

Firstly, it's certainly a working handset. What's more, it bears many of the rumored specs of the new phone: it looks to have a five-inch screen, a thinner bezel, and runs TouchWiz (yay?). There also appears to be a pair of SIM card slots at the back.

Whether or not this is the device we're waiting to see unveiled on Thursday? It's almost impossible to say. It is possible to say, though, that this guys needs to learn to shoot video in landscape. [YouTube via Sammy Hub via Verge]



From the front, looks like the Note II to me. Samsung needs to rubberize the back or at least give the back some texture. If you have dry hands, its hard to hold that shiny curved plastic firmly. My only complaint about the Note II hardware is the slippery nature of it.

The handset in the video must be running an older version of Android because the screen scroll is not responsive.