Video: Samsung Omnia i900 in Action

MobiFrance got a hands on with the Samsung Omnia i900 at the launch event in Singapore, and as the video shows, there are some nice multimedia features at work with the UI. Homescreen widgets, touch friendly camera interface, clean looking icons, etc. However, the UI also looks a bit clunky with its animations and overall responsiveness. And it seems like the user had to repeatedly tap the same on-screen button/icon to make it work. But if you're brave enough to trudge through the 10+ minutes of footage, check it out for yourself. [MobiFrance via Pocket PC Thoughts via UberGizmo]



What the hell was that mess on the screen in the opening scene? Way too many layered, translucent icons going on at once. Interface seems ok, a little sticky but a nice improvement over my hate WM6.1. Does it kill apps and process automatically or at least easily—could see that bug/feature really sucking the life out of the responsiveness.

I think I'm about done with MinMo devices now, and will upgrade my Sammy BJ to a 3G iphone next month.

I really liked the swiss army knife usability with WinMo, just had a hard time with the crashes, memory leaks and difficulty getting it to fit in with the Macs. Really looking forward to see what android has to offer in terms of media playing, and mac connectivity.