Video: The $300 Robot Death Film That Landed a $30 Million Deal

I'm sure plenty of you have seen the amazing "Ataque de Panico!" video from Fede Alvarez by now, but here's how it paid off. His $300 video landed him a $30 million contract with Ghost House Pictures.

That (understatement)very lucrative(/understatement) contract is with Sam Raimi's studio. That's right, a $300 video on youtube and a boatload of talent can score you a job in Spidey's house. So next time anyone tells you that uploading your filmed-off-the-mirror practice videos for the next American Idol audition isn't worth the time or embarrassment, show them this story.


And congrats to Fede. Work this great deserves it. [Yahoo! Movies, Thanks jesuswhammy]

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