Video: The $300 Robot Death Film That Landed a $30 Million Deal

I'm sure plenty of you have seen the amazing "Ataque de Panico!" video from Fede Alvarez by now, but here's how it paid off. His $300 video landed him a $30 million contract with Ghost House Pictures.


That (understatement)very lucrative(/understatement) contract is with Sam Raimi's studio. That's right, a $300 video on youtube and a boatload of talent can score you a job in Spidey's house. So next time anyone tells you that uploading your filmed-off-the-mirror practice videos for the next American Idol audition isn't worth the time or embarrassment, show them this story.

And congrats to Fede. Work this great deserves it. [Yahoo! Movies, Thanks jesuswhammy]



Impressive effects for the budget, but utterly lame build up and progression of scenes.

Seeing the same damn planes flying overhead over and over, and then the same old battles you see in any poorly thought out flight battle. Planes that are way too small flying between buildings and making ridiculous turns.

Aliens that need to slowly walk four massive robots into a city just to nuke it? What?

I'm not saying they didn't do something cool or impressive, but I am regularly amazed at how uncreative/poor writing and direction is in stories like these.