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Video: The iPhone Settings Menu and Microsoft Word + Excel Support

Here's a never-before-seen section of the iPhone: the settings. Which makes sense, because what kind of lame commercial will say "wow, look at all the cool settings the iPhone has!"

Here's what else is new:

• Confirmed in-line viewer for PDFs, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel docs in email. Microsoft complained about lack of support before. This is a huge deal, even if it is read-only.

• Turning off the phone requires you to slide your finger across the top (like unlocking it) to confirm.

• You can rewind voicemail like a sound file.

• You can finger-scroll through contacts using the alphabet on the right.

• The special iPhone headphones have volume and call control.

• IMAP/POP support confirmed

• Typing with two thumbs actually looks manageable

• Limited amount of ringtones can be selected from the settings menu. Doesn't look like songs can be used.

• Confirmed turn by turn directions and up-to-date traffic info for Google maps.


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-I was really bored when I downloaded the latest version of iTunes, and it says somewhere in the song downloading section that part of the DRM limitations for the songs is that you may not use them as "ringtones"... just to clarify. But, if you have a Mac with standard software such as GarageBand and iTunes, I'm sure you can work around this one.

-Cellies with Turn by Turn directions to my understanding do not use satellite GPS, but rather the terrestrial counterpart: cell-phone triangulation. Also to my understanding, the GPS in most cell-phones is for emergency response personnel to locate you, and may not be satellite GPS either, but tower triangulation as well. I could be wrong on this one tho.

-The phone is not aimed at any one group except people who feel $600 is an affordable price for such a device. The only limitation of this is the hardware, the software is really what it's all about. That's always been Apple's thing. Personally, I've used everything the iPhone has to offer on my Palm Pilot, cell-phone, digital camera or iPod. It's going to be nice to have everything in one device.

-I currently have a Sony Ericsson T616. (time for the iPhone upgrade, huh?) That came with, and I only use, the "Old Phone" ringtone. I've already sent it to my lappy via Bluetooth, and plan on using it as my iPhone's ringtone. Hopefully the iPhone will show some MIDI love.

-I'm sure Apple or AT&T will let you buy crappy 10-second samples of songs for ringtones at outrageous prices.

-Um, I'm sure all the data that Google has in it's servers for Google Maps, would not be downloadable for offline, nor would it fit on the iPhone...

-From what I've been told from the local AT&T store, Data Rates are $40 minimal, and so is the voice. So, you'll be looking at an $80 bill at least... for no less than two years. Unless they let you opt not for the data plan, and just hope for WiFi to be everywhere. But that would defeat the purpose of half of the features.

-Does anyone know if the iTunes Music store will be available on the iPhone. If so, what limitations? WiFi only? Music only? I've never heard/read of anyone bringing up this question. Probly not since I haven't heard of such services as of yet.

-YouTube is for retards and the retarded stuff they do to be watched by their retarded friends. But, to each his own.

-Does anyone know of Memory Card expansion of the iPhone? I'm assuming not, since there has been no mention. What about mini USB connection? Or will it be the same proprietary dock connector?

-Happy Camping to all who plan on getting an iPhone on the 29th! Oh, and a bit of advice: if you live in an area populated enough for AT&T EDGE, get a (legal) concealed weapon to carry around with that iPhone. Or just never take it out of your pocket. It's like waving $600 cash money in the air, and not expecting to get robbed.