Video: The iPhone Settings Menu and Microsoft Word + Excel Support

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Here's a never-before-seen section of the iPhone: the settings. Which makes sense, because what kind of lame commercial will say "wow, look at all the cool settings the iPhone has!"

Here's what else is new:

• Confirmed in-line viewer for PDFs, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel docs in email. Microsoft complained about lack of support before. This is a huge deal, even if it is read-only.

• Turning off the phone requires you to slide your finger across the top (like unlocking it) to confirm.

• You can rewind voicemail like a sound file.

• You can finger-scroll through contacts using the alphabet on the right.

• The special iPhone headphones have volume and call control.

• IMAP/POP support confirmed

• Typing with two thumbs actually looks manageable

• Limited amount of ringtones can be selected from the settings menu. Doesn't look like songs can be used.

• Confirmed turn by turn directions and up-to-date traffic info for Google maps.