The folks over at Laptopmag got their hands on the ViewSonic PJ258D, or better known as the iPod-docking projector. The projector includes a dock for the iPod video for direct video playback. It's also not the first time ViewSonic has slapped an iPod dock on a type of display.


Based on functionality, this projector did quite well. It was tested with Pirates of the Caribbean and Gone in 60 Seconds and the picture looked quite well blown up to 60 inches. It is the aesthetics of the projector that really bit the dust. The control panel is on the rear and the buttons are small and hard to read. The projector was also hot and noisy. And my biggest complaint is the position of the iPod dock. There probably isn't anywhere else it could work, but being on the "top side" eliminates any chance of ceiling-mounting the PJ258. It also carries a four-digit price tag.

ViewSonic PJ258D [Laptopmag]