Vimeo Videos Get Friendly With iPhones and Android

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I love Vimeo's video quality, but unlike YouTube, it doesn't make my uploads iPhone friendly. But that may change: they've already converted all "Staff Picks" and HD video showcases into iPhone and Android-friendly formats, and say there's more to come.

We've been working on it for the last few weeks. This is sort of the prelude of offering Plus members iPhone support; and in the future, an app. In the future, like the next several weeks—maybe longer, we'll be offering Plus users the option to transcode their videos to an iPhone version too."

Sounds good, but don't forget that with Flash 10.1 on the way, pretty much every phone (including Android handsets, not just the Hero) should get Flash support around mid-next year. Wild guess: except for the iPhone, probably. Ugh. [CNET]


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Why the Ugh? This is a good trend. All content providers *should* move over to non-proprietary formats. If the existence of the iPhone, as the sole resistance against Flash is forcing them to do so, you should be glad, not Ugh. #vimeoiphoneandroid