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Vimeo Will Be Re-Releasing A Dozen Classic Episodes of MST3K This Year

Illustration for article titled Vimeo Will Be Re-Releasing A Dozen Classic Episodes of iMST3K/i This Year

Every night is a good night to spend with the intergalactic gang stranded on the Satellite of Love. They're out there in the not-too-distant future, enduring the worst, cheesiest films made on the planet Earth, and yet: They. Just. Keep. Riffing. Their high spirits have spared the world we know from Dr. Forrester's domination, for goodness sake!


Today, Vimeo announced an OnDemand option that puts a $300 price tag on a selection of 80 classic Joel and Mike Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes (or you can go for a one-at-a-time rent or buy option at $2.99 or $9.99, respectively). Up until now, those 80 are the only ones that have been made officially available in a digital format, out of a total 198 over the series run.


But! Vimeo's got rights to a year's worth of releases from the MST3K crew, and Variety reports that at least 12 shows will be added into the mix in that time. (I've got high hopes that it also means rumors that the beloved show is coming back with new episodes might also be true. *fingers crossed*)

Of course, there are already a handful of those streaming now on Netflix and Hulu, Amazon Prime, Google Play, you name it. So: What's your go-to MST3K episode? [Variety]

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Virtually every episode is on YouTube; the video quality varies. There's an index here:

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