Vin Diesel's Fake Beard Steals The Show in the Last Witch-Hunter Trailer

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There’s a lot of silly fun going on, in this first look at The Last Witch Hunter—a movie where immortal Vin Diesel teams up with Rose Leslie and Elijah Wood to kill Witches and skeletal monsters. But seriously, the real highlight is his glorious, glorious beard in all the sequences set in the past. Look at it.

Sadly, the bearded look is confined to the long-ago past, where Vin Diesel’s character Kaulder is cursed with immortality and forced to outlive his wife and daughter. In the present day, he’s just regular old Vin Diesel—well, Vin Diesel with a large amount of firearms, as well as the help of an eager priest (played by Elijah Wood) and a mysterious “dreamwalker” (Rose Leslie, who you may better recognize as Game of Thrones’ Ygritte) to save the 21st century from the return of witchcraft and general unpleasantness.

Honestly, there doesn’t seem like a great deal of witchiness in the trailer—in the traditional sense, at least, as all we get to see is some weird skeleton monsters and the occasional magical glamour. But hey: Check out that beard.



The Last Witch Hunter is in theaters October 23rd,