Vintage Apple Mouse Garage Door Opener

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We love a good, vintage mod around these parts and this Apple bus mouse garage door opener just tickled me pink. Maker S1axter found a gutted Apple bus mouse and was instantly inspired.

So I got bored tonight and started going though my box-o-cables and came across an old Apple bus mouse I had gutted years ago. I always wanted to turn it into a garage door opener but never got around to it. Well, coincidently the garage door opener for my apartment parking is the perfect size to sit inside the mouse with room for a switch.


Now, make one that works as a garage door opener and actual mouse for a car PC and I will be really impressed.

Apple bus moue as a garage door opener [MAKE]

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Cool I guess? I really can't see the point of this mod or hack or whatever you want to call it aside from a "hey, look what I did".