Illustration for article titled Virgin America Installed a New In-Flight System to Help You Get Laid

Richard Branson: eccentric billionaire, adrenaline junky, sworn enemy of neckties, and now—matchmaker. That's right; Richard Branson wants to get you laid. What's more, he wants to get you laid in the sky.

Yes, Branson's Virgin America airline has just launched a new feature for its in-flight entertainment system that allows single (or not single, what have you) passengers to send the momentary apple(s) of their eye anonymous drinks, snacks, and even meals. Because nothing's sexier than a stomach full of bloated airplane food.

For the more hammered daring of passengers, you can even send your hopeful-sex-friend-to-be a text declaring your intentions. According to Branson himself, the chances of "deplaning with a plus one are at least 50 percent."

While his claim is, perhaps, highly questionable, his intentions are noble. Creepy, yes, but noble nonetheless. [Click Orlando]

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