Illustration for article titled Virgin Galactic Turns Down $1 Million Offer to Make First Porn in Space

I've got some good news for those of you who hold the seriousness of space exploration dear, and bad news for those of you who like to watch videos of two people doin' it: someone wanted to make a porn in space, and Virgin Galactic said no. Apparently, a company offered VG a cool million for the opportunity to shoot the world's first space porn. That's more than the $200,000 they're charging per person for a flight, but it's unclear how the deal would have worked. Is that a million for the two actors, the director and the cameraperson? If so, that's not a very generous offer. If it's a million on top of four tickets, well, that's a bit more generous. But still, I can't help feeling like that's a pretty low offer. Come on, Hefner. You can swing more than that, can't you? In the name of science? I'm sure Virgin Galactic is a dignified company and everything, but everyone has their price. Let's make this happen. [The Inquirer]


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