Virgin Mobile to Buy Helio, Kill It, Consume It

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It appears that the rumors were right, kinda fake telecom provider Virgin Mobile will buy kinda fake telecom provider Helio. Once the acquisition is complete, Virgin Mobile will consume Helio and hopefully become stronger from the nourishment, but the trendy Helio logo will be gone forever. Since both companies run on Sprint's network, it shouldn't be that big a deal from a technical "will my phone still work??" standpoint. Although Helio was extremely progressive in features and pioneered "all in" plans. We don't know if Virgin is interested in giving users the world like Helio did in the financially challenging MVNO space. [Yahoo and Electronista]


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well this sucks..i was getting a decent former employee discount from Helio, not to mention I really do like the Ocean. I like was Helio was trying to do, but jamar0303 put their downfall correctly, they just didn't execute quite well enough.

Can't wait for the iPhone 3G now!