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Virgin Mobile Will Euthanize Helio In May

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Here's a funny story! Some time ago, Virgin Mobile snatched up a little wireless company called Helio, with hopes of using it to start a postpaid (on contract) cell service to complement its prepaid business. Then, Sprint, one of the largest postpaid carriers in the country, bought Virgin Mobile, effectively rendering Helio (subsumed into Virgin) pointless. And now, according to Virgin, Helio has an execution date: May 25th. Customers will be offered special incentives to join Sprint, but otherwise service will just... end.

Official statement, as passed to Crunchgear:

No customer will be automatically migrated to Sprint's postpaid service. However, Sprint has created a special offer for our customers.

Current postpaid customers are being given $50 towards the purchase of a Sprint postpaid handset with a new two-year agreement. This credit is in addition to any applicable rebates that may apply. Postpaid customers moving from Virgin Mobile to Sprint will also receive $150 off of handsets as part of Sprint's standing new customer offer. Activation fees will also be waived.