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Virtual Furniture Amounting To Thousands Stolen From Habbo Hotel

Illustration for article titled Virtual Furniture Amounting To Thousands Stolen From Habbo Hotel

After 2007's mega-thousand thievery, more thieves have broken into the virtual Habbo Hotel and done away with thousands of dollars worth of furniture belonging to players. Up to 400 cases are being investigated now by Finnish police, would you believe.


Perhaps the founders of Habbo Hotel had better start paying more taxes—because that's a lot of strain on the Finnish economy right there. The burglaries were made possible with hackers setting up fake websites for username and password capture. Once these details are procured, it's enough to embezzle the pixels from the honest gamers who've spent money, and time, being their virtual worlds up.


I've not played Habbo Hotel before (I fear I'm probably 10 years too old for that), but perhaps the concierge better put some extra door-staff on? [BBC]

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t('-'t)....The Unpronounceable (KTope)

I'm beyond confused. Did the perpetrators just walk around and press Ctrl + X?

By "steal" do they mean "delete"?

Can't the operators just identify the missing items and replace them without too much hassle?

Screw it, my give-a-shit has run out.