Vista-Bashing: Good for Linux?

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While the the argument posited by this piece is pretty flimsy, it's important to realize that the blogosphere is pretty much down on Vista. Essentially, this piece says that Vista's apparent failures will send folks flocking to Linux and that folks with low-end machines who can't make Vista purdy will also be willing to contend with Tux for a bit until MS gets its act together.

This is quite a specious argument. Unless Linux software vendors start advertising during So You Think You Can Dance and Sing and Sleep With the Director?, there is no chance in hell of this happening. Linux is an attendant lord, not a desktop player. However, this also means that MS better make Vista the all-singingest-all-dancingest operating system in its history. Anything less might convince the folks at home that BootCamp might be a good idea.


However, as XYZComputing points out, if Linux vendors make a push to create specialized versions of the OS for folks with gimpy computers, the possibility is very real that we could see a minor or even major push onto the desktop. Will it happen? Probably not, but a kid can dream.


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