After seeing how the Mac Pro ran Microsoft Vista better than OS X, we wondered how well the best of both worlds worked. Namely, using Parallels to run Vista alongside OS X. So we installed Vista using Parallels on our 15-inch, 2.33 GHz Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro.


The good news is it did work, but the bad news is it didn't work very well.

Compared to Windows XP support, Vista support in Parallels is still quite developmental. It installed fine, sure, but you didn't get the fancy Aero graphics even in Vista Ultimate thanks to Parallel's lacking support in the graphics card area.


We also wanted to compare the Windows Experience Index score to our not-quite-as-expensive desktop. Unfortunately the scorer never completed and gave us an error message that said something about the driver. Darn.

Also, we couldn't get the networking up. That's kind of an important piece. However, the rest of the stuff was working just fine, just without networking or Aero.


When Parallels updates their Beta, we'll be sure to report back on their progress.

Product Page [Parallels]