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Vita Craft Robotic Cookware

Illustration for article titled Vita Craft Robotic Cookware

Care for a bit of robotic chili? How about some robotic mashed potatoes and green beans? Thanks to Vita-Crafts RFID cookware you, too, can bland, tasteless, and mass-produced food in the comfort of your kitchen. Using chipped cookware and a smart cook-top, all you have to do start a recipe is drop one of the recipe cards into boiling water. The system then prompts you for ingredients and tells you when to pull stuff off of the heat.


While it seems like a great idea, we hope they programmed the 3 Rules in there or else you're going to be hearing stuff like "Now drop your firstborn into this boiling water and I won't erase your iPod."

Product Page [Vitacraft via TheCoolHunter]

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